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Sustainability and Carbon Management

The top 100 ASX listed companies are introducing sustainability into their everyday business practices and publicly reporting against targets. Global evidence shows that some of the benefits for those large and smaller organisations who have implemented sustainability programs include:

  • Financial
    • Reduced energy, water and materials usage and associated costs;
    • Grants available for improved sustainability practices; and
    • Access to socially responsible investment capital;
  • Brand, Reputation and Market Positioning
    • Better risk management and reduced liability;
    • Improved competitiveness and market positioning;
    • Improved strategic decision making and identification of new business opportunities;
    • Gaining advantage as preferred supplier;
  • Environmental
    • Reduced emissions and waste and associated costs;
    • Reduction in carbon footprint;
    • Improved relationship with regulators; and
    • Protect social licence to operate.
  • Human Resources and Employee Engagement
    • Improved working conditions and increased productivity; and
    • Improved attraction and retention of staff leading to reduced costs associated with improved HR outcomes.

The sustainability management services that CCR can assist companies with include:

  • Sustainability management strategy development and implementation;
  • Carbon management strategy development and implementation including;
    • Carbon Neutral accreditation; and
    • Renewable energy technology and systems evaluation and feasibility studies;
  • Climate change risk management; and
  • Sustainable land development;
  • Sustainable supply chain management.

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